Services for tenants in Auckland

Services for tenants in Auckland

Airpropty is happy to offer assistance to tenants and first-time renters in Auckland. As we respond to requests for tenancy services, we have encountered different situations and solved various problems.

For example, these questions reflect the most usual concerns of services for tenants in Auckland.

  • How do I increase my chances in securing the perfect rental property?
  • What should be included in the Tenancy Agreement?
  • Who should shoulder the repair fees?
  • Can the landlord increase my rent?
  • What are my rights as a tenant?
  • What happens to my bond? How can I get it back?

We help tenants find the right property

Finding a rental property can be tiring, time-consuming and even stressful. This is even more difficult in a big city like Auckland where the rental market is very competitive.

This is where Airpropty comes in. We manage several rental properties in Auckland and one of them might just be the perfect house you are looking for. To get started, speak to one of our property managers who will be happy to assist you.

We educate tenants about their rights and responsibilities

Our goal is to make sure that the tenants and the landlord perfectly match so that they can sustain a harmonious professional relationship during the tenancy.

To achieve this, we believe in educating potential tenants right away about housing rights and obligations. We make sure to inform them of important clauses in the tenancy agreement. This helps them make a better assessment of whether the property is right for them or not.

Why is it extremely important not to jump on the first available property you found without proper evaluation? You need to know the condition of the house and compare the features it comes with others available on the market so you will not regret your choice later on and remain unhappy for the rest of the leasing period. There could be another property that may have other ‘nice-to-have’ features – an extra bathroom or another living space.

Get in touch If you would you like to learn more. Contact us on +64 9 390 8890 or info@airpropty.com

We help tenants when problems arise

It is highly possible that problems will arise during the course of the tenancy. Some issues may be small and can easily be ignored, while other cases can get very complicated.

Airpropty may not be the biggest property management company in Auckland, but we do have the skills and experience to handle difficult situations. We are happy to provide immediate solutions to any complaints or issues you are currently dealing with.

Lastly, we are knowledgeable about the law. If you have questions about the Residential Tenancies Act, Tenancy Tribunal applications and other important topics, just contact us and we will be glad to share our knowledge and give appropriate advice.