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Property maintenance and renovations in Auckland

Property maintenance and renovations in Auckland

Airpropty believes that maintenance is crucial to good property management. It improves tenant satisfaction thereby improving tenant retention. But what happens when private landlords in Auckland do not have reliable and efficient property maintenance systems?

Picture this. It’s late at night when suddenly, the phone rings. On the line is your tenant informing you there is a water leak and the bathroom is flooding. You know this is an emergency and you struggle to find an available plumber at the moment. You begin to panic.

Getting hold of reliable service providers can be a challenge for private landlords even if the issue is not an emergency. Then, having your tenants tell you they want to be prioritised adds another layer of complexity in the mix. Situations can become more difficult if maintenance requests have been piling up.

This is where Airpropty comes in. We work with trusted professional service providers in Auckland so we can easily bring in specialists to do the job for you. Together, we can give your tenants a positive experience and guaranteed satisfaction.

List of property maintenance services

Airpropty works with professional service providers who are experts in the following maintenance work:

  • Residential cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Plumbing and gasfitting
  • Electrical
  • Handyman services
  • Lawn and garden maintenance
  • Heat pump
  • Pest control
  • Insulation
  • Renovations

Airpropty believes in preventive maintenance. We can create a suitable maintenance plan for your rental property so you can avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Get in touch If you would you like to learn more. Contact us on +64 9 390 8890 or info@airpropty.com

What to expect from our services

Our property maintenance and renovation services are available throughout Auckland. We have worked with our service providers over a long period of time. As such, we can vouch for the quality of service and output they deliver.

Professional Service, Quality Output. We only work with registered service providers, not with cowboys. They are professional and always on-time. With their top-notch skills, you can expect quality output in a reasonable time frame. They also tidy up before they leave so tenants do not need to worry about the mess.

Prompt and Reliable Response. As a property management company, Airpopty is quick to respond to requests. We act on the matter as early as possible. Our partners can also handle emergency requests.

Excellent communication. We give status updates to tenants every time we handle a request. For non-urgent maintenance issues, we inform tenants right away on when they can expect to receive the service.