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Free Rental Appraisals

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Free rental appraisal in Auckland

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How much rent should you charge? How are other rental properties doing in the market? Find out by getting a free rental appraisal from Airpropty.

One of the most important steps that you can do to maximise your rental profit is getting a free rental appraisal from the professionals.

The housing market in Auckland is growing and changes are quick to happen. A rental appraisal provides helpful market insights and a better understanding of the property.

Why get a rental appraisal today?

To understand your potential income. If you are thinking of converting your property into a rental, then you will have a better idea of how much you could earn if it enters the market now.

To know how much rent you should be charging. If you are a landlord, did you know that your rental income could be much higher than what you currently earn?

Based on how similar properties are being rented in the area, a rental appraisal determines whether your current rental price is competitive, higher or below the market value. You can then improve the occupancy rate by making appropriate adjustments to the rent.

It is free. A rental appraisal costs you literally nothing. The information you get will be very useful especially when making business decisions.

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Here at Airpropty, we help landlords and investors in Auckland by providing fast and reliable rental appraisals.

Just fill out the form below to request for a free rental appraisal. One of our property managers will get in touch with you.