How airpropty Helps Real Estate Agents And Private Sellers?

How airpropty Helps Real Estate Agents And Private Sellers?

Helps Real Estate Agents And Private Sellers

How airpropty Helps Real Estate Agents And Private Sellers?

If you are a real estate agent or a private home seller, we know you have a lot on your plate to deal with. You may find yourself in a position where you are looking for experts who can do things right the first time.
There are many tasks that ought to be considered when preparing a property for sale. Finding the right service provider who specializes in one craft can give a few headaches – let alone finding everything under one roof.

The Pain Points of Real Estate Agents and Private home Sellers

Here are some things that real estate agents and private home sellers experience while looking for renovation, plumbing, staging, electrical works, and property management services in Auckland.

For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are almost always with their clients at every step associated with real estate transactions. From finding investment properties, finding service providers to do renovations, to ultimately putting the property up for sale – and everything in between. With so much to manage, the thought of it alone is stressful enough, which is not good for you nor your client.


Let us help you and your client with managing your renovations before you go ahead and list the property for rent. We have experience in working with different real estate agents, and we can help you with each step of the process.
We can help you arrange and manage handyman services, find you the best electrician in Auckland, plumbing works, and even high-tech water blasting machines before our home staging team completes the new look of your property.


By letting us handle your work, you could end up having a peace of mind knowing that your client’s rent property is in good hands. On top of that, you can save a lot of:

  •         TimeLet us do the running around so you can use your time to do what you do best.
  •         Money We won’t overcharge you and we’ll get it done right the first time around, and
  •         EnergyYou’ll no longer need to spend energy dealing with and chasing different service providers – leave that to us.

These are some of the benefits you get if you hire a property manager, or in this case, a renovations project manager who not only possesses experience but also knows how to keep a client happy.

For Private Sellers

Private sellers need to be sure about how they are approaching the property as the price they’ll get for it depends majorly upon planning. Financial planning is essential for private sellers as they need to carefully decide on the money they could be spending on their property.
However, this is not what happens and private sellers often ‘over-capitalize’ on the renovations due to lack of experience. Similarly, private sellers feel overwhelmed at how much is going on, multiple people and projects to manage. This, in turn, cuts in their time at work, at their business, or family time, hence leading to stress.
This is where things get complicated, and newbie private sellers end up making costly mistakes. They usually get overcharged and overworked while working on the renovation and staging of their property.


airpropty! Allow us to step in and manage the whole process for you. From what and how much to renovate, to home staging and all that’s in between. Our goal is to act as a single-point contact between you and other service providers. We will be an extension of you and add our professional touches to the whole process giving you a better opportunity to achieve a higher sale price.
From our experience, we can identify areas that need attention for improvement, to help you demand a higher asking price. From finding a locksmith in Auckland to insulator, and heat pump installation – we have got you covered on every front.


Once you let airpropty do your property renovation management, you get to sit back and reap the following benefits:

  • No HassleNo need to talk to and manage different service providers. Selling your property is stressful on its own. Leave managing your renovations & decoration to us.
  • Extra SavingsTake advantage of the special rates our service providers give us. Every dollar saved is a dollar more in your back pocket.
  • On Time We will set realistic time frames to complete each project so you can continue as planned and list your home for sale.

On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting to hang on to the property as an investment, we offer property management services in Auckland that revolve around creating a positive environment and experiences to you and your tenants. Our tenant services include managing accounts, cleaning services, coordinating renovations, educating and screening tenants, and taking care of all the workload. Even if you are a seasoned real estate investor, we could help you expand your investment portfolio by allowing to free up your time and unparalleled support.

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