About Us

Time holds Memories.
Space holds Energy.

We believe that the time we spend creates memories and our environment creates energy. Our purpose; to give you positive memories & an environment with great energy. We achieve this by caring for, educating and managing all parties, to understand, respect and care for each other’s valuables.

We provide property management services to landlords and tenants in Auckland. Along with that, we can also manage your Airbnb and all property maintenance issues. We all offer home staging services.

To our landlords/investors, we inspire to give you a hassle-free experience with us while you enjoy living a great life knowing your investment is in great hands. We aim for the best; to find and screen quality tenants for your investment. We then take the time and invest in the tenants, educating them about expectations in property management. If we find, that not everyone is on the same page, we continue searching for the right match. Getting the best match and starting a tenancy on the right foot can make a significant impact on not only your return on investment but also the peace of mind knowing you and your investment are in good hands.

If you are our tenant, we want you to know that we truly care about you! Our goal is not only to find an environment that meets your needs but an environment that gives positive energy to you and your family. We offer education both before and during the tenancy and share expectations to ensure we are finding the right home for you.

Does this mean we’re not strict with the rules? No, we can be, if the rules are broken. However, we promote and encourage a lot of upfront and regular education for both parties, managing not only the tenancy but the expectations that come with it.

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